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Why are PP bags better than the rest?

Why are PP bags better than the rest?

When it comes to choosing a proper bag for your stuff, we often find the choice confusing because we are not sure which bags are good in terms of use? To address this confusion, this blog will compare the two most commonly used bags, namely, PP bags and PE bags. So, read along and find out. We are aware that all objects require a different type of plastic packaging. No two products can be packed in the same manner; each is suitable for its own needs. 

PP bags are everyday-use plastic bags made from polypropylene. It is a type of plastic that is highly chemical resistant, therefore, most sought. PP bags are transparent in appearance in order to provide a better view of the product inside. These bags come in different shapes and sizes as per your needs. Besides, they can also be customized based on your product specifications. PP bags are hydrophobic in nature; hence they provide act as a strong shield against moisture and vapors. 

Food industries use PP bags to preserve the freshness of the vegetables and fruits because these bags delay the evaporation and dehydration process, keeping the food fresh and helping to retain the taste. In addition, PP bags are also used by jewelers for the packaging of jewelry items, as they are intricate and require packaging that has to be strong enough to keep the items intact. PP bags are also commonly used in hospitals for safe transportation of lab samples and storing the samples obtained from patients. The reason being, PP plastics are stronger and clearer, and cheaper than the rest of their counterparts. 

Characteristics of PP Bags 

Here are some of the characteristics that make PP bags stand out:

• High tolerance to abrasive chemicals

• These bags can withstand high temperature and pressure

• They are aesthetically pleasing for product presentation 

• They are made up of stiff and hard plastic leading to their longevity and durability 

• PP bags are hydrophobic therefore delaying the process of vaporization and moisture absorption

• Due to their stronger nature, these bags are difficult to break and can withstand any load 

Why are PP bags better than PE bags?

PE bags are also made up of plastic, but their physical and chemical properties are different. Unlike PP bags, PE bags are more expensive and shorter-lived. These bags restrict the flow of light, which makes them unsuitable for the packaging of food products. PE bags tend to be softer, unlike PE bags; this makes them easy to break and not favorable for lifting heavy objects. However, PE bags are prone to tear if they are used to carry a heavy load. 

Due to their extensive use, PP bags are always high in demand for all sorts of applications. For instance, food packaging, jewelry packaging, etc. They come in all sizes, big or small, but in most cases, big pp bags are sourced because they are more suitable to carry a heavy load; you can easily source them from pp big bag wholesaler companies and get them at reasonable prices.