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Everything You Need to Know About Valve Bags

Everything You Need to Know About Valve Bags

Valve bags are usually used as a packaging solution for products that come in powder form: such as flours, activated carbon, particles of plastic, and cement. One of the most important features of a valve bag is the miniscule opening or valve on the side, through which it is filled. This valve is constructed with an internal flap that acts as a self-closing checking valve after it is filled.

Valve bags are usually built with a plain valve or an extended internal sleeve of film. If the extended sleeve is used, users have to manually fold and tuck the sleeve inside in order for the bag to be properly closed. When the filling is finished, the valve will be sealed automatically by the pressure of the items in the bag. This is why valve bags are known as ‘self-sealing’ bags. 

How Do Valve Bags Work?

Simply put, valve bags can’t work on their own. They need to work together with a specialized machine. When a valve bag is filled using this machine, it is known as ‘valve-bagging’. The machine utilizes a spout present in the opening of the valve bag. A certain amount of product is measured and placed inside each valve bag. This is usually done in an automated way to ensure consistency of quality and minimize loss of product. Furthermore, the settings of the valve bag’s mouth can be adjusted according to the machine being used, as numerous distinct machines are present in the industry. 

Manual operations generally take too long. Automating this process has allowed valve-bagging to be much more efficient and cost-effective. It has also allowed for a lower risk of contamination, which results in protecting the environment and health of the work force. 

Types of Valve Bags

There are two different kinds of valve bags constructed from kraft paper and plastic. 

• PE Valve Bag

PE valve bags have low strength and firmness but are incredibly flexible and have great impact strength. They are built to stretch instead of breaking. 

• PP Valve Bag

PP valve bags retain their shape even when filled completely. These bags have a high air permeability which stops the bag from bulging.

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