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PP Big Bag Supplier – The Choice Is Yours, Save It Or Waste It

With more than 100 experts and production plants, the NGU business group provides quality paper bags at a customer-friendly rate. If you're planning to buy a high-quality woven bag, we are the one-stop-shop to deliver you customized services. Production methods are environmentally friendly, durable, and free from all sorts of contaminations only at our company. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to be a preeminent professional PP big bag supplier in the plastic bag-making industry. Being the well-known valve bag manufacturer We have an organization of proficient specialists concerned with delivering big valve bags that meets our potential clients' requirements.

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How long have you been searching for a valuable valve packaging container?. We supply what's promised in return for your hard-earned money. We have all sizes of bags readily available to fulfill all your wants that is why we are known as the leading pp big bag supplier in the international market. Our team works tirelessly to satisfy all kinds of unique needs of our customers. The material we use is highly durable while being increasingly invulnerable to any wear and tear. Our wide range of valve bags includes self-sealing, heat sealing, and ultrasonic sealing so that no buyer returns empty-handed. Availability of modernized and innovative packaging bags is the outcome of our aim to cater to all types of clients.

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Everything You Need to Know About Valve Bags

Valve bags are usually used as a packaging solution for products that come in powder form: such as flours, activated carbon, particles of plastic, and cement. One of the most important features of a valve bag is the miniscule opening or valve on the side, through which it is filled. This valve is constructed with an internal flap that acts as a self-closing checking valve after it is filled. Valve bags are usually built with a plain valve or an extended internal sleeve of film. If the extended sleeve is used, users have to manually fold and tuck the sleeve inside in order for the bag to be properly closed. When the filling is finished, the valve will be sealed automatically by the pressure of the items in the bag. This is why valve bags are known as ‘self-sealing’ bags.  How Do Valve Bags Work? Simply put, valve bags can’t work on their own. They need to work together with a specialized machine. When a valve bag is filled using this machine, it is known as ‘valve-bagging’. The machine utilizes a spout present in the opening of the valve bag. A certain amount of product is measured and placed inside each valve bag. This is usually done in an automated way to ensure consistency of quality and minimize loss of product. Furthermore, the settings of the valve bag’s mouth can be adjusted according to the machine being used, as numerous distinct machines are present in the industry.  Manual operations generally take too long. Automating this process has allowed valve-bagging to be much more efficient and cost-effective. It has also allowed for a lower risk of contamination, which results in protecting the environment and health of the work force.  Types of Valve Bags There are two different kinds of valve bags constructed from kraft paper and plastic.  • PE Valve Bag PE valve bags have low strength and firmness but are incredibly flexible and have great impact strength. They are built to stretch instead of breaking.  • PP Valve Bag PP valve bags retain their shape even when filled completely. These bags have a high air permeability which stops the bag from bulging. NGU Business Group is one of the most renowned valve bag producers in the world. This organization produces the finest valve bags that fulfil their client’s expectations in the best way possible. If you are in the market for exceptional, high-quality valve bags, NGU Business Group should be your go-to!

Different Food Storage Solutions

Food storage has been an issue that has been there for several years, and many manufacturers have tried to solve this problem. The introduction of different grades of plastics became a problem solver in this case, and different food producers and restaurant owners have opted for this solution. The plastic bags not only provide airtight solutions to retain the freshness of the food but also have been an easier way of transporting the food products without any hassle. The plastic bags used in the food industry are leakage-proof and provide an edge to the restaurant owners so they can also offer the food items on the go to their customers. The majority of the plastic bags used for food packaging are economical and free of all the toxic substances that might alter the taste or the condition of a certain food item.  Here are a few of the commonly used food storage solutions that are used in different parts of the world. LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) Bags Low-density polyethylene bags have been used in the food industry for quite some time now, and the reason behind that is the benefits that they provide. They are ideally used in cases where the food items are meant to be refrigerated. They are quite breathable, so it wouldn’t be an ideal choice to leave the food items unrefrigerated as it might cause freshness-related issues.  PP (Polypropylene) Bags PP (Polypropylene) Bags is said to be an ideal choice for storing food for a long time. They provide a great amount of airtightness that is required to maintain the freshness of various food products. There are different food-related businesses that rely on this type of packaging to retain the aroma and freshness of the food. The PP has been a popular choice for the sandwich bag providers circle as they can simply seal the food item without worrying about the freshness being compromised. The PP bags come in a wide range of sizes, so you can easily find them at any leading plastic bag manufacturer.  LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) Bags The main difference that distinguishes the LLDPE and LDPE plastic bags is the ability of LLDPE bags to withstand room and refrigerated temperatures. They can be used to refrigerate the food items along with the ability to preserve the food at normal temperatures. They have been an ideal choice for the frozen food industry as they are freezable at minimum temperatures and can help in retaining the freshness of frozen food items. There are various frozen food producers that rely on these bags to fulfill their packaging needs.  The LLDPE bags are available in different sizes and price options depending on the intended use and can be found at all the leading plastic bag stores and suppliers. The finest example of LLDPE being used in the food industry is the packaging of frozen sausages, French fries, patties, and other food items that are consumed worldwide. These bags can also be used to provide airtight packaging for sandwiches that have to be consumed at different times in a day. 

Why are PP bags better than the rest?

When it comes to choosing a proper bag for your stuff, we often find the choice confusing because we are not sure which bags are good in terms of use? To address this confusion, this blog will compare the two most commonly used bags, namely, PP bags and PE bags. So, read along and find out. We are aware that all objects require a different type of plastic packaging. No two products can be packed in the same manner; each is suitable for its own needs.  PP bags are everyday-use plastic bags made from polypropylene. It is a type of plastic that is highly chemical resistant, therefore, most sought. PP bags are transparent in appearance in order to provide a better view of the product inside. These bags come in different shapes and sizes as per your needs. Besides, they can also be customized based on your product specifications. PP bags are hydrophobic in nature; hence they provide act as a strong shield against moisture and vapors.  Food industries use PP bags to preserve the freshness of the vegetables and fruits because these bags delay the evaporation and dehydration process, keeping the food fresh and helping to retain the taste. In addition, PP bags are also used by jewelers for the packaging of jewelry items, as they are intricate and require packaging that has to be strong enough to keep the items intact. PP bags are also commonly used in hospitals for safe transportation of lab samples and storing the samples obtained from patients. The reason being, PP plastics are stronger and clearer, and cheaper than the rest of their counterparts.  Characteristics of PP Bags  Here are some of the characteristics that make PP bags stand out: • High tolerance to abrasive chemicals • These bags can withstand high temperature and pressure • They are aesthetically pleasing for product presentation  • They are made up of stiff and hard plastic leading to their longevity and durability  • PP bags are hydrophobic therefore delaying the process of vaporization and moisture absorption • Due to their stronger nature, these bags are difficult to break and can withstand any load  Why are PP bags better than PE bags? PE bags are also made up of plastic, but their physical and chemical properties are different. Unlike PP bags, PE bags are more expensive and shorter-lived. These bags restrict the flow of light, which makes them unsuitable for the packaging of food products. PE bags tend to be softer, unlike PE bags; this makes them easy to break and not favorable for lifting heavy objects. However, PE bags are prone to tear if they are used to carry a heavy load.  Due to their extensive use, PP bags are always high in demand for all sorts of applications. For instance, food packaging, jewelry packaging, etc. They come in all sizes, big or small, but in most cases, big pp bags are sourced because they are more suitable to carry a heavy load; you can easily source them from pp big bag wholesaler companies and get them at reasonable prices.  

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NGU Packaging Group –  The Remarkable Valve Bag Manufacturer

It is believed that valve bags are the most essential products to be used by top industrial companies for their products. Before you decide to choose a bag, determine which type of closure you might need. Being the best valve bag manufacturer we have several types of bags available in different ranges. However, all of them are worth buying, but it depends on your choices, which one you might like to pick. Let's have a look below at three categories


It's the most basic bag based on self-sealing, and these valve bags are handled for the strength of the contents to fold and seal the bags.

Heat Sealed

This bag is used in factories for packaging sealed by using heat. It is quite a better option for your product but requires a complete setup with a proper machine.

Ultrasonic Seals

The third and best type of valve paper bags sealed ultrasonically. It is used by particular and limited industries for packaging and supplying their products. For making these bags, clean and sterile machinery is required for specifically best results.

Being the best valve bag manufacturer you can have us at your service where these characteristics and timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, and quality are promised. We have advance state of the art technology to provide high quality products to our clients at market comparative prices that is the main reason we have earned the title of the top notch pp big bag supplier in the global market.

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PP big bag supplier like us offers our customers with the best quality products along with a remarkable customer’s service that helps you decide what is best for your business and projects. We always deliver our customers what we promise and never comprise on the quality of products, we are known to deliver only the best qua;ity products to our customers all over the world.